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Sac State Street Modeling

Paris Michel, senior, sociology major

Rubaiat Ali, senior, electrical engineering major

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Sac State Street Modeling

It may have been an average Wednesday, but average students became sexy models for the day when The State Hornet set up an impromptu photo shoot in the Library Breezeway. Photo coach Andrew Nixon shot a variety of poses asking students to experiment with their own props from skateboards to hats. While some were shy to release their inner model, others like Erica Violett were instantly in the zone with exactly the sass we were looking for.

Erica Violett, junior, interior design major

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Fall fashion trends

With summer behind us and winter right around the corner, students are starting to cover up their summer skin and layer up for fall. This week, we found the best and worst fall fashion trends around campus on the search for fall do's. Unfortunately, we also found some fall please, please don'ts, as well. Here are some fashion do's for inspiration and a few don'ts that you have to see to believe.

This fashion do is a great look for this fall. The thick belt around the waist is in this season, creating a slimming effect and accentuating the right curves. This belted dress gives a very feminine shape and can even help women who don't have an hourglass figure.

Someone should tell this student that Ugg boots weren't made for big-foot. Let's face it, Uggs aren't the most stylish boots for any outfit, but this is the worst example I've seen. From the colors to the styles, none of his clothes coordinate. Two things are certain about this confused getup: Uggs on guys and Uggs with shorts are both Ugg-ly!

This is a perfect combination of femininity and comfort this season. The floaty top with it's details are offset well by the simplicity of the black cardigan on top. Its dressed down with a pair of jeans, which makes it a good outfit for school, comfy yet classy.

It's always fun to throw in a splash of color into an outfit, but this is taking it too far. This hideous ensemble of neon barf definitely attracts eyes and attention, but not in a good way. Although it may be doing some good by jolting sleepy students out of their afternoon daze, I think they, and the rest of us, would rather not feel like we were just slapped in the face.

Here is another look at a dress done right for fall. Pair a dress with a great sweater and it immediately transforms from a summer look to a great fall outfit. Tights are also in this season, and she pulls it all together and adds a touch of color with some great red heels. This look is definitely on par for fall fashion.

This look is fine for the comfort of your own home, but no one should be seen like this in public. It's a definite don't to wear flip-flops with socks, especially when the socks are long and are worn with capri sweats. It's one thing to go to school feeling cozy, it's another to look like you don't even know how to tie a shoe, which is one type of footwear socks can be worn with.

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