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Baby It's Cold Outside!

With the end of the semester days away it is pretty obvious that winter is almost upon us. With that in mind, I find it extremely troubling that there are people walking around campus dressed for 70 or 80 degree weather.

Look, I know we live in California but it is not always sunny here. In Sacramento we are blessed with all four seasons. It is time to start dressing accordingly.

I am mainly addressing the musclebound guys with just a t-shirt on and nipples so hard that they could poke out a person's eye. Hey dude can you do us all a favor and put a hoodie on? I know that money is tight for most of us so check out Forever 21 or the new addition H&M; I promise you will be able to find something to cover up your massive pecs for less than $20.

On to the lovely ladies of Sac State. Here is a great rule to follow, if it is cold enough for a coat than it is cold enough to have something on your legs. Why do girls insist on having bare legs with a trench coat on? That just doesn't make any sense. Your Uggs don't protect you from getting pneumonia. So put some leggings on at least.

It is cold outside so stay warm Sac State.
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