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Sac State's photo booth: Spring

Members of The State Hornet staff went around campus to find the latest in spring fashion.

Photo by Andrew Nixon

Brett Barletta

Jacket – Macy’s
Shirt – Torsion
Jeans – Macy’s
Shoes – Vans

Question: What do you look for in items?
A: “Things you can dress up. When you add a versatile piece it changes it up.”

Q: What fashion do you hate at Sac State?
A: “Uggs and jeans skirts. The combination makes we want to vomit.”

Q: What trend do you not like right now?
A: “The wide leg pants. No one can wear them unless you are really small.”

Photo by Andrew Nixon
Mikey Massout

Jeans - Express

Shirt - Affliction

Jacket - International Concepts

Shoes - Steve Madden

Q: How do you describe your style?
A: “I’m typically pretty straight laced. I lean toward designer, higher-end department stores, with the occasional TJ Maxx special.”

Q: What are you buying for spring?
A: “I need a new pair of sandals, jeans a little bit torn, definitely not a scarf with a T-shirt. If I have to, some shorts.”

Q: What’s one trend on campus you hate?
A: “The boots with the fur on them.”

Q: What’s one you like?
A: “I like scarves with a pea coat. Subtle but still with color.”

Photo by Andrew Nixon
Jessica Wyant

Clothing - Old Navy

Shoes – Gap

Q: What will you be buying for spring?
A: “ I feel like winter is for dark colors. Perhaps white tops? Scarfs, since I don’t wear a lot of colors it’s a nice way to bring it in.”

Q: What do you look for when you go shopping?
A: “I first look for being comfortable.”

Q: Do you think students dress up more the first weeks of school?
A: “Yeah, they do. Probably by the middle they are in pajamas.”

Q: What do you hate seeing on campus?
A: “Just wearing clothes that are too small. They should be picking clothes that look good on them, not the size.”

Photo by Andrew Nixon
Joe Livclich

Jacket – his uncle’s closet

Shirt – O’Neil’s Surf Shop

Shoes – Urban Outfitters

Jeans – Urban Outfitters

Shops at: American Apparel, Thrift Stores

Q: What will you be wearing for spring?
A: “I wear a little brighter clothes, short shorts in the summer, seriously, shorter than shants.”

Q: What will you be buying next?
A: “Ray bans, mine got stolen so I need to get a new pair”

Q: What do you hate seeing on campus?
A: “Chad shirts, Burton button down shirts. I wear them to work, not school.”

Photo by Andrew Nixon
Jenn Huynh

Jacket – Macy’s

Top – Forever 21

Tights – Target

Boots – Urban Outfitters

Bag – Forever 21

Q: What do you look for when you shop?
A: “ Something’s that comfy, bright, something you can’t just wear once but mix it up with other things.”

Q: Spring style suggestions?
A: “Since all the students are poor right now, I think they are looking in their closets for finding ways to reuse items, belts, scarves…”

Q: Where do you find inspiration?
A: “Sometimes magazines, sometimes when you go out of town and see what other people are wearing in San Francisco or L.A.”

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