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The Muffin Top Epidemic

When it comes to baked goods muffin tops are the most coveted item. Unlike those yummy treats, a muffin top on a woman is not so good.

Hey ladies of Sac State I have something that I want to talk to you about. This may be a touchy subject for some of us, but frankly it has to be addressed. What is with all of the muffin tops around campus?

For those of you that do not know a muffin top is defined as fat above the waistband. The most common cause of this fashion faux pas is when a woman wears pants that are too small or shirts that are too tight. Sometimes much to everyone's dismay a young lady will do both blunders simultaneously as pictured below.

I think the popularity of low rise jeans is to blame for this fashion mistake. Society's obsession with being thin has made us preoccupied with the size of our jeans rather than how we actually look in them.

Forcing yourself into something that is obviously too small for you is not cute. So, how do you know if you are suffering from muffintopitus? Answer the following questions honestly.

1. Do people laugh/make gagging sounds when I walk by?

2. Are there visible marks around my mid-section when I remove my jeans at the end of the day?

3. Do I have to lay on a flat surface just to zip or button my pants?

4. Have I ever had the button on my pants pop off?

If you have answered "yes" to any of those questions, you may be suffering from muffintopitus. Don't fret, there is a way to stop this bad habit and improve your appearance. The easiest way to avoid a muffin top is to wear the correct size jeans. This may seem like a simple solution but it is extremely effective.

The kind of tops that you choose can also make you appear to have a more shapely waist. Try an "empire" waist top to hide a big tummy. These shirts are banded just under the breast line and are very flattering for your mid-section.

Another quick and easy alternative is wearing a dress that is belted above your natural waistline. This creates the illusion of a slimmer waist.

Remember ladies, it isn't about being the thinnest girl on campus. It is about making the best choices for your body and dressing the body you actually have, not the body you want.